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My name is Renee aka Chiffon Head (the screenname a result of some poeple making jest of us Stevie fans...Chili?

So,since I've found myself posting more on this forum lately, I thought I should introduce myself I've been a FM/Stevie fan since I was a kid (I'm 43 now) and became hooked on FM when the radio was playing Dreams on top 40 back in the day. Anyhow...I discovered The Ledge a long time ago at the start of the site and when Stevie and FM stuff was hard to come by. This board has gone thru alot of changes over the years (bad & good~imo) and I've always lurked and I sometimes pipe in and probably always will, cause I really love it here! FM fans are the best... so...I just want to say "Hi"

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