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Originally Posted by iamnotafraid View Post
I'm just trying to get different recipes for cleaning
vinyl. I'll be trying different mixes of this and that
on my older vinyl. I have Spin-Clean fluid for my
new vinyl.

I don't have many 78's. The only one I can think of
is by Hank Williams.

Speaking of The Carter Family. If you have Netflix
there's a new documentary about them called The
Winding Stream
. I haven't seen it yet.

I kept most of my vinyl too. Gave away a few records
that I'd never care to listen to again.

Of the turntables you own which is your favorite?

I've been slowly planning my return to vinyl for quite
awhile now. It just takes time. You'll get there. I've
been buying new records for a couple of years. And
with each one it's encouraged me to keep the dream

I care too much about details. So it took me a very
long time to decide which turntable to get. I kind of
wish I were different. It can get expensive before you
know it. My only advice on which turntable to get would
be one that doesn't hurt your records. As in too heavy of
the tracking force. Analog Planet is also a good website to
read about vinyl and such.

You mentioned Bowie. I have a first pressing of his latest
release. I think I ordered it right before or just after he died.
It sold out quickly.
I have my late fathers Garrard here which is almost is old as I am.I have tons of others here since I repair and collect them .

I learned this from my friend about 35 plus years ago which is a radio DJ. I clean my vinyl with room temp water with mild dish soap to get the oily finger prints ,food stains ,beverage spills , dirt and dust off.Don't use hot water.It will warp it.Let air dry.

Oh .I love the classic country artists and bands.I have tons on vinyl.Too many to list.
Skip R........

Stevie fan forever and ever amen.......
the Wildheart at Edge of Seventeen and the Gypsy.....

My sweet Buttons .I love you. RIP 2009 to 08/24/2016
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