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Originally Posted by Sugar Mouse View Post
I agree and I disagree. I agree that Lindsey has been the creative force of Fleetwood Mac since the mid-70's. And I agree that Lindsey has been the main source of energy for the live performances in recent years. And I agree that Neil is, like Lindsey, a creative superstar. Very few musicians can write, produce, and arrange music like Lindsey or Neil. Paul McCartney has famously said that Neil Finn is the best living songwriter.

I disagree that Neil and Mike won't bring at least some of Lindsey's energy. I've seen each of them many times and have always walked about impressed with their energy and charisma. Mike doesn't talk much on stage but is a musical tour de force with that guitar. And Neil is a powerful stage presence as you can see in performances by Crowded House, 7 Worlds Collide, etc. on YouTube. No one is Lindsey Buckingham, but Neil/Mike is about as good a replacement as humanly possible.
That McCartney quote surprised did a quick Google search. I think you'll find it's FALSE!
Your sources appear to really lack credibility buddy....and this is on your beloved Finn forum!
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