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Originally Posted by michelej1 View Post
Except for the foot gear, I think her stage attire is fine and timeless. Come on, it was odder for her to wear the shawls when she was a young woman than it is now. Just as she told us was her plan all along, she managed to choose a costume that would age with her. Unlike Cher who is flitting around in flesh-colored body suits trimmed in her old sequined Bob Mackie designs. Yuck.

With Stevie, it's the twirling, kicks and GDW dance that need to stop, imo.
Fair points. Yes, I think if the twirling and ridiculous dances/arm motions were to stop, then her outfits wouldn't seem so silly. It's her actions that are so embarrassing. Though I really have a problem with her platforms. She can't walk in them; I remember she told a friend of mine on the 2014-2015 tour that she can barely walk in them, that they are extremely painful, that's why she has to take the breaks DURING the sets, etc. She even told her that "there was no way she can tour again" because of how worn out she gets on stage. THEN WHY WEAR THEM?? *face palm* Just dumb.
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