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Originally Posted by Macfan4life View Post
You saw the Street Angel tour?
Wow, you must have been really young

There was a leg of that tour that was never officially announced but was on the edge of being announced. New small theater in West Palm Beach was going to be played 2 nights. It was in the paper and on the radio. But after the first leg, Stevie got depressed. The album was not selling, attendance was not great, and people were fat shaming her. I was very disappointed I did not get to see her on that tour.
I was younger and more innocent

I read a review in one of the local Columbus papers at the time, I think the Guardian, and the critic did nothing but fat shame her. It was not cool, I mean he acknowledged she sounded good and put on a good show, but called her names like 'thunder thighs.' The concert was a sellout, but one of the few sellouts that tour, as you said, neither the album or tour performed to expectations. I 100% agree that if the Dance hadn't happened, Stevie's solo career never would have resurged like it did.

As far as her performance, she did sound really good and her backdrop was pretty cool, too- it looked like they were in an oversized Alice in Wonderland environment. Darden Smith opened for her and the audience was nasty to him, which made me feel badly for him. I don't think the ticket said anything about there being an opening act, so when somebody on stage came out and said something like "Are you ready to see Stevie Nicks?" to roaring applause, he added "Well first, how about a warm welcome to Darden Smith!" And some people literally started booing. At one point he even said "booing me off the stage won't make her come on any earlier." He had one hit, though: Loving Arms. Really good song.
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