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Unhappy Help for my brother

I don't do Facebook or Twitter & I don't like posting my personal problems, but I don’t know how to help my brother. I’m hoping someone can give me advice. He is over 1,000 miles away in MO. He was in a motorcycle wreck two months ago, just about dead. A woman (who apparently doesn’t have insurance) turned left right in front of him. He’s had so many broken bones, lung problems. He’s been bounced from the hospital to rehab to a nursing home which didn’t even have a specialized wheelchair that he needed & not getting the rehab that he needs. He can’t walk, has plates & screws in his pelvis, messed up arms. He has no family in MO. Now he’s back in the hospital with pneumonia because he caught a cold while in rehab before being moved to the nursing home. He has a lawyer & a social worker & neither seems to be helping him. I am afraid that this time, he’s not going to make it out of the hospital alive. When the accident first happened, one of my sisters flew out there & stayed for 10 days once he was out of danger, but she had to come back to DE. He has one friend who seems to be caring for him & a few co-workers who took in his cat. We don’t know his friends or anyone there. What can I do as his big sister do to help him? Who can I call in MO? Any advice? If you don't want to post, please pm me or e-mail me.

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