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Originally Posted by The Highwayman View Post
Another Heart fan here. I wonder if Stevie/FM fans are predisposed to love Ann & Nancy also. My favorite Heart song is 'Straight On' followed closely by 'Never'.

Anyway, here ar my top 5 favorite bands:

1. The Beach Boys - My favorite band. Makers of such brilliant, beautiful, emotionally satisfying music the likes of which I will never know again. They're (or specifically Brian Wilson is) responsible for all-time favorite album, Pet Sounds, a work of unbelievable genius. It is home to my #1 favorite song in the entire universe, 'Wouldn't It Be Nice'. Their music has changed my life for the better. When they were at their best, they left everyone else in the dust with their rich, complex harmonies, perfect melodies and production aesthetic. Total heart music for me.

2. The Beatles - 2nd favorite, and that's saying a hell of a lot. Everything they did musically was absolute gold. My favorite Beatle, John Lennon, is right there on my personal Mount Olympus of Songwriters (the others are Brian Wilson, Neil Finn, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Waits, Jackson Browne and Stevie Nicks). So many incredible songs that speak for my heart. And hey, the whole band is kinda like that and every album is unforgettable. It's the Beatles, man! I shouldn't have to explain.

3. Crowded House - A band from Australia (though singer/songwriter Neil Finn is from New Zealand) that is really underrated her in the States. A shame since they make some of the most creative, enjoyable pop tunes ever to be heard. Neil Finn is one of the two or three greatest songwriters alive. Check 'em out.

4. Fleetwood Mac - I know this thread is about OTHER bands, but they're (meaning for me the Rumours lineup) freakin' FLEETWOOD MAC fer crissakes. Home of three brilliant singer/songwriters, particularly my beloved Stevie, who, as I said is on my musical Mount Olympus as the goddess of rock. But I must reiterate I adore the whole band, truly.

5. Led Zeppelin - A favorite since high school (I was obsessed with them then, even though I was born a year before they broke up), Zeppelin has made nothing but great albums and they're possibly the best live band. Zeppelin is pretty deep-seeded in me and I doubt I'll ever outgrow them. After all, me and Zeppelin go way back, 25 long years. I thought I'd mellowed out here in my thirties, but I guess I still have the need for something loud and heavy.

For some of us in the summer of 75 radio didn't play a whole lot the variety and both, this version of Fleetwood Mac and Heart just released their first albums
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