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Originally Posted by slipkid View Post
Out of respect, the story is Carlos Santana visited Peter Green while the band was recording "The Green Manalishi" in London, 4/70. He asked Peter Green's permission to cover "Black Magic Woman". The "black magic" came before in Munich, 3/70 on a tour of Europe. .
Santana's "BMW" was recorded & released in 1969, so that "story" of Carlos asking permission while FMac was recording "Green Manalishi" is bullsh**.

Originally Posted by slipkid View Post
The irony of this blog post is that Peter Green's special "tone" wasn't heard until he formed Fleetwood Mac. While the blogger lists examples of tone (he does give credit to playing, barely), from John Mayall's "A Hard Road", it's still a factory stock '59 Les Paul. At the very least, the neck pickup was missing. ks.
Really? Then what do you call "The Supernatural"??? Also, listen to tracks from the Deluxe Edition of A Hard Road...the "quack" was there on tracks like "Greeny", "Rubber Duck" & "Curly"...well, before Fleetwood Mac was formed.
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