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Originally Posted by bombaysaffires View Post
Um, it wasn't the press putting up huge backdrops of Petty during an entire tour. Or telling stories about Prince on tour.

And clearly enough people knew who Keith was that there are articles about him in not just trade publications but popular music publications and websites. He helped make many, many bands hits. They all were able to take one minute out of their day to publicly acknowledge him.
And is that the criteria for acknowledging the death of people who played a critical role in making you a star? They have to be famous enough to be acknowledged??

Mick's mother wasn't in the business. Neither were Stevie's mom and dad. Yet she acknowledged their passing and included mentions of them in her shows. Keith produced Rhiannon and Landslide, and actually helped work on them for the planned second BN album. So yeah, it would seem fitting that she could make an Instagram or Twitter or website mention of his passing. (If she were on tour I'd expect her to say something about him before performing either one of those songs and thanking him)
According to that logic, you have no right to criticize anyone in the Mac for not giving public statements. The next time they tour and if they give statements like Stevie did over a year after Prince's death from the stage and Petty tribute 2 years after Petty's death then we can call it even People are flaming them for not tweeting and giving instant public statements. That's different than stage tributes years later. Keith pretty much always spoke highly of the band. I don't need public statements to know they cared for Keith. But I guess some do.

This conversation sort of reminds me of the twitter batter between Perez Hilton and Kris Jenner the night that Kaitlyn came out. Perez freaked out and blasted Kris because she was the only person not publicly saying anything of support. Eventually Kris fired back a big F. U. Perez how she and her former husband had private words that the world did not need to hear. But yes she did support Kaitlyn.

This instant twitter world is destroying the world. We even had democrat candidates for president answer debate questions in 8th grade Spanish to please only the twitterverse. Whether Mick's mother was in the business or not is not the point. Mick did not feel the need to talk to the fans that night from the stage, tweet anything or put out statements. The point is the same. You should not have to constantly put out statements about your feelings on current events or other issues. If you want to, I respect that too but I surely am not going to flame anyone for it. I respect privacy.

Still I believe.....BACKSTABBING AND BETRAYAL will show us how

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