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Originally Posted by Macfan4life View Post
There is a difference that is not being mentioned beyond no one having active twitter accounts (except for maybe Lindsey).
When Petty died, the world got Stevie's thoughts and words because she was at events and people shoved a microphone in her face asking her about Petty. She was not on tour that she could make stage statements. This band just got home and on hiatus.
Petty was a huge star. Few people in the media even know who Keith Olsen is.
I am sure they care but deal with it in their own way.
Good grief, Mick's mom died while the band was on tour. Mick never mentioned it and neither did the band. Do we really think they did not care because they did not put out public statements? Society today seems to demand instant statements as well as want to cancel people for misstatements.

Chill everyone.
Um, it wasn't the press putting up huge backdrops of Petty during an entire tour. Or telling stories about Prince on tour.

And clearly enough people knew who Keith was that there are articles about him in not just trade publications but popular music publications and websites. He helped make many, many bands hits. They all were able to take one minute out of their day to publicly acknowledge him.
And is that the criteria for acknowledging the death of people who played a critical role in making you a star? They have to be famous enough to be acknowledged??

Mick's mother wasn't in the business. Neither were Stevie's mom and dad. Yet she acknowledged their passing and included mentions of them in her shows. Keith produced Rhiannon and Landslide, and actually helped work on them for the planned second BN album. So yeah, it would seem fitting that she could make an Instagram or Twitter or website mention of his passing. (If she were on tour I'd expect her to say something about him before performing either one of those songs and thanking him)

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