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Originally Posted by jmn3 View Post
I always thought her "tweaks" to the tense on Don't Stop from 2003-13 were bad, but "I'm a black magic woman"...gahhh...leave everyone else's songs alone lady.

And yes, the most interesting setlist changes with the new 'band' were dismissed early. Neil singing Hypnotized was actually sounding really good from the clips I saw - the song really fit his voice. And it's literally a song still played on many SiriusXM stations with some frequency. And a song that Lindsey only tackled early during his tenure. It was a perfect opportunity to mix things up while paying homage to an era of the band that often gets overlooked but still had (and continues to have) some popularity. That being said, they couldn't possibly stick with it. No, instead let's pull out some deep cuts like Second Hand News.

I agree Neil did an amazing job with Hypnotized...It was a shame to drop it.
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