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Originally Posted by BLY View Post
To this day I wish that album was released under the Fleetwood Mac banner. The making of the album behind the scenes with four of them was classic. They should have just said Stevie decided to sit this one out.
Her Royal Highness probably did her usual thing of threatening to bad-mouth the album in the press if they did. That's her go-to position. She seems to think she has a lot more influence in the media than she does; she doesn't understand how social media works and that people aren't sitting at home waiting to see what Rolling Stone or People magazine reports on what she thinks. Now, maybe these days if Beyonce bad-mouthed an album people would be all over it Not to say Stevie wouldn't get coverage-- the media LOVES a kerfuffle -- but she wouldn't have any impact on sales, because no one sells many albums now anyway. Her time as a major influencer has passed, but no one wants to tell her lest they get fired. She's at best a lovable voice from a past era, dare I say, a "legend". But no one but a certain demographic will care what she thinks about much of anything these days. Indeed, there's a whole movement now on social media to dump on Baby Boomers (of which I am not one) where an older person says something and the repsonse is, "OK Boomer" which translates to, "yeah whatever, you old fart who had everything handed to you and who understands nothing about today's world, thanks for your useless opinion"

Stevie could have threatened to bad-mouth the album and the answer could easily be, "OK, boomer" (if that had been a thing then)
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