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Originally Posted by Mr Scarrott View Post
Hi Fuzzy, you've put Channel 4 here, but I think you actually meant BBC4? We're both Brits, I think!

I'm looking forward to this, particularly regarding the early years. I suspect Mr B's defenestration will be artfully glossed over, but we shall see...
Yes, I'm a Welsh, Surrey dwelling Brit. Sorry, meant to put BBC 4, not Channel 4.
Hmm, as far as I can tell, there's no link between those two channels so it seems a really strange coincidence they'll both be putting on Fleetwood Mac themed nights.. It's almost as if some people somewhere are in the know about something.

Sorry to bang on and bore people but Fleetwood Mac are now among the strong favourites for headlining at Glasto next year. I was skeptical this would ever happen (especially with the current touring schedule coming to an end) but with the Classic East/West shows a couple of years ago they do have recent form when it comes to getting together for one off events (there was also the one-off benefit gig a few years back). The festival often announce one of their headline acts in the autumn. I wonder whether there might be an announcement pending, hence the reason for TV schedulers to have something set up ready to coincide. This could also add some context to the otherwise curious forthcoming release of a new Rumours deluxe package. If they do do Glastonbury it will be a very bitter-sweet feeling. I'll be excited to see how they go down but desperately sad the festival goers wont be getting the proper Fleetwood Mac treatment.

...or maybe I'm just reading too much into it.

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