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Originally Posted by elle View Post
it would be a story similar to that Gold Dust Woman unauthorized bio - just read the excerpts, it's all there and that's what Stevie cult following is repeating all over social media:

highly talented, beautiful and hard working Stevie sacrifices and works 3-5 jobs (and she's fantastic at all of them, of course!) while songwriting and recording music and dragging along her no-talent loser annoying guitar-playing pot-smoking boyfriend to a fame and fortune even though he doesn't do anything for her or her music and cannot write any good songs or music let alone hits unlike our ultra-talented heroine and legendary icon. despite his uselessness he somehow still has the power in their highly successful band so she finally - finally! - has enough and manages to get rid of a loser from her band as she reaches the edge of 70, and becomes the boss in that band she alone single-handedly made famous and rich.

mark my words. this will happen. it already has a screenplay in Gold Dust Woman book.
I really highly doubt a biopic about Stevie that is trying to be taken seriously would look anything like that lol. That's more like a Lifetime movie.
Not to mention pretty much zero 'real' Stevie fans respect that book as it's filled with very blatant inaccuracies and made up stories. It got tons of criticism from fans when it was released.
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