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Originally Posted by TrueFaith77 View Post
It looks awful. The record producer in the commercial saying "we can't have a 6-minute song" -- in the 70s???!!!


Bryan Singer has never made a watchable film.

And that actor is freaky looking and too short for the role.

The record producer is played by Mike Myers in a very comedic cameo. Yes, in the 70's it was (as it always has been) difficult to get radio airplay for long songs. Though it was a prime example of the prog rock of that time, generally prog rock bands such as Yes, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, ELP etc, tended to focus more on album releases rather than single songs. Queen found it difficult to convince their record company to release the song and had to rely on the support of eccentric English DJ Kenny Everett.

I can't say I've watched any other Bryan Singer films except The Usual Suspects. That was a pretty brilliant film. That said, its difficult to determine how much of this was Bryan Singer and how much was Dexter Fletcher who took over part-way through.

Rami Malek was great for the role of Freddie Mercury and was only just a tiny bit shorter than Freddie in real life. Freddie was 5ft 10''
He was freaky looking???? Freddie Mercury didn't exactly blend into a crowd

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