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I'm certainly not happy with Stevie's recent actions either. Though I still think we will never know the whole truth, so actually I'm angry with all FM members.

Now, saying Stevie is the worst thing that ever happened to FM, is more than a bit harsh, as saying Ms. Nicks has added some magical moments to Fleetwood Mac. Some?

I know this is the "what if" game again, but anyway I would say...
  • If Mick had hired Lindsey without Stevie in 1975, the story would have been different. Far different, obviously not for better.
  • If Mick hadn't met Lindsey in 1974, me and many southamerican people would never have heard Fleetwood Mac.
  • If the present band released a studio album, it wouldn't be as good as any Rumours lineup album (to say the least).
  • If Say You Will had Christine, I can't imagine the great album that had been.

I was googling best Fleetwood Mac songs. The Rolling Stones 50 top FM songs list includes 13 Stevie's songs, 12 Christine's songs, 16 Lindsey's songs. The 20 top list includes 6 Stevie's songs, 4 Christine's songs and 4 Lindsey's songs. There are Danny and Peter songs on both lists, too.

The point is not who got more songs, or who got the top positions. My point is, I must watch the big picture, not a single episode. Knowing the band whole history I can't undervalue any of them. I can't say that any of those guys added just some magical moments.

First I missed Lindsey (1987), then I missed Fleetwood Mac, then I missed Christine (1998). Then I missed Lindsey (2018). Now, I miss Fleetwood Mac again.

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