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I actually saw them.

What I liked:
1. The new guys did a great job.
2. Not so many excessive guitar solos.
3. The overall feeling of friendship and calm on stage.
4. That everyone was enjoying themselves, especially Stevie.
5. The blues songs they digged out. The highlight "Black Magic Woman".
6. That they did not use canned music.

What I didn't like:
1. I feel that Lindseys songs should not have been played. That was respectless and should have been beyond that band.
2. Who cares about Split Ends or whatever Neills band was called. Same for "Free Falling", it's a FM concert after all and they have enough good material on their own.
3. The people who did not even bother to see a show and still post their naturally pointless opinions in this thread. DUH!
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