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Originally Posted by Macfan4life View Post
I did not see this tour so take my comments with a grain of salt. I never bought into the "new" members as being a new band or anything permanent. This BIG tour was talked about for years and had to go on for everyone to make 10 million. I was very impressed when the set list was released and songs like Hypnotized and Isn't it Midnight were in the set. But they did not last very long and the band quickly went back into their "safe zone."
I did not care for the "don't dream its over" sing alongs and Stevie needing to sing the song so fans would not run for the bathroom. I think the Tom Petty tribute was a bit overboard. Just playing a Petty song is quite the tribute. It sort of turned into a Stevie solo concert at that point very similar to what she did for Prince during her 24K Gold shows.
I am glad Lindsey got paid even for not having to play one note. The entire Lindsey termination really soured me on the band. To be honest if one of their songs come on the radio, I turn the channel. I will listen to Go Your Own Way though.
Now the tour is over, they must all look at themselves in the mirror and ask themselves if it was really worth it. Believe it or not, these people are so shallow that I would not be surprised to see Lindsey back with the band at some point. Maybe not a world tour but playing in some way. And yes (pass the vomit bag please) a Lindsey/Stevie Landslide sing along with those "genuine" hugs and kisses at the end. As for the "new" guys, they made a ton of money and will go back to what they like. As much as Lindsey was disrespected, lets NOT forget Rick and Billy. They truly are the "Johnny Bravo's" of Fleetwood Mac at least until the new ones showed up They fit the suit until they were no longer needed anymore.
Agree about Rick and Billy! They really 'saved ' the band back in '87- '90......and they were responsible for THREE blues era songs which came into the set - and remained there!
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