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I'm a fan of all incarnations of the band. In fact, I became a fan by the Tango-video with Rick and Billy. Had nu clue who LB was .... yes, I got to know his work and he is fantastic. Then, I'm not a pathetic fan who blames the other band-members of what happened. They all have their temper and we don't know what really happened. Besides, at their age ... I respect every decision one makes. Life teach you to do what's good. Not the sentiment of so called fans.

So, I expected them not to come to Europe at first, so I booked a flight to NYC to see them in MSG (and Newark as well).

To me, they sounded great. Mike and Neil fitted in well. The setlist was a bit safe and could have had more gems from their back-catalogue. But, I enjoyed every minute. The finale encore with Stevie and Christine was just fantastic. Yes, their voices have aged, but I do not care ...

Saw them again eventually in Belgium. Yes, big outdoor-festivals. I guess that didn't want to do a long arena-run in Europe as well. But this was ok (since I was on front-row).

I'm glad I saw this line-up three times. Yes, LB was a missing link. But I do not have any hard feelings.

Next Stop: the Peter Green tribute in Londen ...
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