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Originally Posted by WelshWitchPMD View Post
YES! I totally agree with this. He really needs to check with us first.
right? i just don't get it why he doesn't?!

seriously though, i checked the date of his first tweet, and it was Aug 14, the date when all the dates were announced and within like 2 days all tickets went on sale. so they were just setting it all up then.

but now, he's got working social media, so he / his new mgmt or whoever runs it can totaly do it - and they should! many bands and performers give fans a heads up on their social media about their new projects, little snippets of songs, little snippets of rehearsals, or a heads up about the upcoming tour dates or new releases.

there's no reason for LB to keep us in the dark anymore, now when he finally entered 21st century! :P

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