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Though I know some of you may view it as the easy choice, I'm shocked more people haven't voted for Rumours. Has Lindsey ever really surpassed his work on that album?? Really??? Honestly, I don't think he's turned in three songs of as high caliber as Go Your Own Way, Never Going Back Again, and Second Hand News, three classics which have held up over time and feature stunning guitar work.

My view of Tango in the Night: fantastic instrumentation from Lindsey. The guitar work all-around is incredible, even on Seven Wonders and Isn't It Midnight. Big Love was his hit song. I love his musicianship on Tango and the Night and Family Man. But his lyrics on the other hand... BARF

I've written in the Say You Will thread about my thoughts on Lindsey's overproduction on a few songs, how he took the life out of Bleed To Love Her and Say Goodbye, how the band really should've learned from prior decisions (the reception of Tusk) and went for a more focused 10- or 11-track work.

Tusk is really Lindsey's baby. So I cannot not vote for that album, though I do think his experimentations are not always successful and I'm slightly bothered when he is labeled as the only true 'artist' of the band. I love what he did with the singular song Tusk (how great it worked in the TV series The Americans when stripped to its essence speaks to its tremendous groove and rhythmic power), The Ledge in capturing a different sound for the band, and What Makes You Think You're The One for his vocal ferocity. His production skills on Stevie's songs are probably at an all-time high as well: Sara is gorgeous and Beautiful Child one of the greatest (and most under-appreciated) Rock ballads.

So my vote actually matches how I feel about Stevie's best Fleetwood Mac work: Rumours and Tusk.