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Originally Posted by Macfanforever View Post
Mark You will love it.As you know .I've been a fan of country music since I was in middle school.

Its relaxing especially the older tunes.

Today's country is more like lite rock.

Not recommended.

Foot note.I will never dump my CD's or vinyl after if I ripped them to MP3.

Unless they were homemade.

I dont trust the digital medium for archiving anything.Its to flaky .

If the digital media gets corrupted .Say goodbye to your tunes.

Thats another reason why I'm being a beach about the iTunes digital download of Stevie/FM tunes and videos.

If you dont back it up.Its gone forever.

Unless send the media to a data-recovery specialist for a kings ransom to recover the data.

I had it done twice,
AMEN! I hate digital media because the file formats will keep changing. I ALWAYS back up all of my mp3s on CD, or, even better, just buy the CD or Vinyl.
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