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Mac attackMay 21, 2013. 4:44 pm • Section: Opinion, Vancouver Courier

This weekend our brother and his wife came to town to see Fleetwood Mac perform at Rogers Arena. Afterwards, our bro reported that the sound was good, the band members who are all retirement age moved ably enough and they played plenty of songs from their classic album Rumours. But the thing that struck him the most was just how wasted everyone was at the concert. And not young folks getting plastered, but feather-haired baby boomers, grandparents… people who looked like our mom and dad, sneaking in contraband booze, lighting up chongers and under the influence of unknown substances. Granted, Fleetwood Mac’s cocaine-fuelled exploits in the 1970s are the stuff of legend, but that was four decades ago. And the sight of a grey-haired Mick Fleetwood or stiff-jointed Stevie Nicks being escorted on and off the stage doesn’t exactly inspire party animals. Except that it does. A few years ago, when Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham performed a solo show in town, a co-worker who attended told us about a nasty fight that broke out in the theatre. A fist-fight during a Lindsay Buckingham concert.

Clearly we’ve underestimated the thirst for debauchery and mayhem of older generations. They are animals. And if they can get annihilated for Fleetwood Mac and brawl over Lindsey Buckingham, we’re going to barricade ourselves in our house the next time Bruce Hornsby, Carly Simon or Zamfir come to town to unleash their reign of terror.
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