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Originally Posted by AliP View Post
hmm not so sure Stevie is jealous of his family. I know alot of people who just don't want kids period. They tolerate kids, but for the most part get really annoyed around them. I can see Stevie being that person. She's set in her own ways and the kid thing passed 40 years ago. IMO.
Yes, but I think it's not so much about having little toddlers underfoot, but there might be envy regarding the richness of having the family come up around you, of those kids maturing into beloved adults that are around you as you yourself transcend into advancing (old ) age.

You know how she always waxed on and on about the cradle to the rocking chair, that Stevie, around "Rock a Little" 's release, and how her rocking chair years may be without immediate fam. around her.....

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