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Default A post-Tango Lindsey CD compilation

After recent events, I 'm sure many of us have been listening to even more of Lindsey's music, out of an effort to cheer ourselves up if nothing else. I've put together a compilation that showcases his music post-Tango, maybe arbitrarily but there you go. Anything from solo, BuckVie and FM can be used and I've limited it to 80 minutes so that it can fit of one of those coaster-shaped things that we older folk may still play or give to the uninitiated to discover. I'm finding it pretty consoling and I simply can't imagine getting such a breadth of variety and inventiveness if I did a similar exercise with Christine or Stevie's post 1987 work.

Suggestions for alternatives are more than welcome. I'm not worried about including three covers...

Seeds we sow
Down on Rodeo
Time Precious Time
To Try for the Sun
Street of Dreams
On With the Show
Bleed to Love Her
Love is Here to Stay
Love Runs Deeper
Red Rover
Instrumental Introduction to:
Don't Look Down
Rock Away Blind
I am Waiting
When She Comes Down
End of Time
This Nearly Was Mine
Say We'll Meet Again
Miss Fantasy
Say Goodbye
To lose Lindsey Buckingham once may be regarded as a misfortune, to lose him twice looks like carelessness.
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