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Originally Posted by Storms123 View Post
Thankfully this tour is in the home stretch..Neil and Mike can go to work with THEIR bands, Mick can go back to his restaurant in Hawaii, John can float around the Pacific, Christine can go back to London and Stevie can rejoin her coven. Can't wait for this to end.
Not me. I'm so eager to see what's in store for this group of legends. I'm filled with anticipation over what's just around the bend for these guys: reissues, reissues of prior reissues, appearances on American Horror Story and assorted spinoffs, new recordings of Landslide with Lil Tecca and Young Thug and other up-and-comers, and of course more accolades and honors from such organizations as the Academy of Mid-Seventies Concept Albums and the Foundation for the Charitable Support of Wizened Rockers Who Can't Remember Where They Live.
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