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Oh damn, my in-laws went to Later... this week. I'll have to ask them about it when I get the chance. It's a real shame she didn't play or sing anything. It would have been great hearing her playing something with Jools- I think they share a similar interest in music. Get Like You Used To Be or some other bluesy number....even Don't Stop. Even better, Ed Sheeran was one of the studio guests- It would have been amazing if she'd duetted with ES. Anyway, the interview segment was really short. The clip was nice. It was nice to see them looking really relaxed and casual in the studio- Christine in particular. At one point there's a shot over her shoulder of her writing down lyrics- not much but...

' for you, I can't conceal, that's how I feel (about you) you are the sky'

I'd guess at that one being 'Feel About You'.

Another minor thing I noticed about her in the studio- most of the time she seemed to be chewing gum.
Anyway, Jools called In My World a great record (though I'm sure he may have been being polite as much as anything else). However he also described the album as great and said 'you have a lot of interesting things on it'.

'Where words fail, music speaks'
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