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Originally Posted by BigAl84 View Post
I also kind of think this scenario of getting Lindsey out of the band had been in the back of her mind since the 2010/2011 Sheryl Crow fiasco and Micks pathetic playboy magazine interview. Lindsey put the kabosh on that idea and I don't think Stevie was too thrilled about that. Somehow they got it together long enough for the 2013 tour - but again, that (Sheryl Crow idea) was yet another decision that was vetoed (most likely) by Lindsey and if Lindsey walked, guess what? No Fleetwood Mac tour. Stevie's hands were tied at that time.

With Christine back in the picture and Mike Campbell a free agent again? No brainer, right?

What's really sad though is knowing what we know now:

1. They were ready to replace John when he got cancer, mid-tour! - can't lose out on that cash!
2. They were ready to replace Christine with Sheryl Crow

There really is no sense of loyalty amongst any of them except for the love that Lindsey clearly had/has for them and is clearly evident in the legal documents for the lawsuit last year.
I agree looking back. As hard as Lindsey was on Christine for leaving, he wanted to still protect her legacy. He wanted to function as a four piece and keep what was left in tact. Lindsey really cared about FMac after The Dance. I think his exit made him appreciate it more. SYW allowed him to create.

He wanted to keep creating and $tevie didn't.
I would tell Christine Perfect, "You're Christine f***ing McVie, and don't you forget it!"
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