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Originally Posted by Storms123 View Post
Interesting, and not at all surprising. Mike is also in the studio with the Dirty Knobs. New music and planning a tour in 2020. I would expect Stevie would go out solo next year. Neil probably has gotten a little surge in popularity so perhaps some new stuff from CH? That leaves John, Christine and Mick.......there's an irony here. #KARMA
New stuff from CH? Chance would be a fine thing. Neil has zero enthusiasm for that band now. He says the more people say they want new CH stuff the more he just wants to record with his wife and sons. Frustrating for me as I've never gotten into his work solo or with family or his endless charity and collaborative endeavours.
Reuniting the Rumours line-up just produced 20 years of virtual silence. If Stevie didn't like the heat she should have quit the kitchen.

I know many will disagree - I have no desire to quarrel.

Peace and love everyone
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