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I've seen Rocketman just yesterday and I liked it incredibly much. It's a real musical in which Elton John's songs are used to describe and convey what he was going through during the changes he underwent in his rambunctious life rather than follow his artistic timeline. The best scene is probably the moment in which Elton sings "Your Song" for the first time but I don't want to spoil the details.
Taron Egerton's acting and singing performance was amazing and he really looked like the original, especially in the first part.
The movie was both touching and funny, and didn't shy away from showing the most controversial aspects of John's life while remaining descreet. I thought it would have wrapped up in another way in another moment of Elton John's life but I don't mind that the movie ended with an uplift tone.
The only downside is that I don't think the film and its actors will receive deserved recognition because it's a bit of a niche work, oriented towards the adult public that already like and know the artist, added to the fact that it came out in theaters in a less favorable moment.

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