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Originally Posted by jmn3 View Post
Exactly. It wasn't that long ago that she was opening for Rod Stewart. This idea that she's equal to FM with respect to her ability to draw a crowd solo is ridiculous.
100 percent agree. The last tour she did was successful because it was a double bill of classic rock acts. If she toured solo again with zero opening act she wouldn't get the numbers she had for 24karat gold She would likely get the same or slightly better then Buckvie got on their tour.

Tina Tuner last toured at aged 68-69 11 years ago with no support act and she sold out on her name alone. She didn't need an opener to sell tickets.

The fans who blindly worship her won't ever concede that though.

When I saw the Rod Stewart tour in MTL I was the ONLY SN fan there. Everyone else was there for him hands down. As soon as he hit the stage the went wild. When she performed her set they sat down and while they were respectful and clapped etc they were not dancing in the aisles either.
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