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Originally Posted by michelej1 View Post
Yes, my dad did not speak the last 3.5 months of his life, following his stroke. He didn’t even try.

I gave him a pencil and paper to write, and he formed letters but they did not make sense. He either called me the night of or the night before his stroke and I wasn’t home. He left a voice message. I erased it thinking that I would talk to him that weekend, I did not know that was the last time I was going to hear his voice. I wish I had saved the message. Well at least Lindsay doesn’t have aphasia and if he wants to communicate in writing he can. That is a blessing.
I think that the fact that he was able to play Landslide shows that he's all there mentally. I can't imagine that he could do that, if that weren't the case.

I'm happy that he looks great, and that he has hopefully lots of time here with his family. The rest is small peanuts, in comparison. It's not about us.
And I'm David, not Homer!(we all should be able to change our name, at least once)

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