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Originally Posted by aleuzzi View Post
Wow! That’s a hot tune. Her approach is somewhere between Melissa Ethridge (sp) and Patti LaBelle. Stevie wouldn’t dare try it and Christine would say “it’s too much.” Fleetwood Mac was a vessel that could not contain Bekka Bramlett.
She did a Wednesday residency at B.B. King's in Nashville, maybe 5 years ago. I went probably 3 times. She and her band were so great! On breaks, she'd just go stand out on 2nd Ave(where the Christmas Day 2020 bombing was), smoking her cancer sticks. But she was very nice and approachable(minus the cancer sticks ).
Christine McVie- she radiated both purity and sass in equal measure, bringing light to the music of the 70s. RIP. - John Taylor(Duran Duran)
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