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Default Questions about the Trouble video

I just watched the video for Trouble for the first time in years on YouTube and Iím curious- who is the blond guy playing guitar next to Lindsey? Is it someone currently in Lindseyís solo band? He looks a little like what Brett Tuggle might have looked like 40 years ago. Also, does anyone know who the second to last guy playing guitar is? Heís awfully animated and also looks familiar, but I canít place him. Lastly, what about the guy in front of him? He looks like Bob Weston, which I know canít possibly be, right? I know FM always had an extra guitar player when they played live, usually in the shadows, so Iím wondering if thatís why some of these guys look naggingly familiar. I even thought Bob Welch was in the video, but Iím sure itís my imagination.
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