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Thanks for posting!

I had the NYC show on a cassette (back when these were traded by fans back and forth by snail-mail) years ago, so it's nice to listen this again.

It was especially cool that she (and Tom Petty) did 'I Will Run to You' (one of the few rare performances of the song).

I remember when 'Rolling Stone' did a review of 'The Wild Heart'. It was pretty harsh like their critique of 'Bella Donna' 2 years earlier.

They said that her music on 'WH' was 'pedestrian', and that her lyrics - with their flaky fairy tale imagery - bordered on the meaningless. But they did like 'I Will Run to You', saying that one song said more about love than any of Stevie's put together.

A local department store had the 'WH' promo poster put up in their record albums section. I must've stood there for for half an hour staring at it (I LOVE the picture, the one of Stevie by Herbert Worthington, of her wearing the feathered headdress, with clouds beneath her), and thinking how best to rip it off the wall and take it home with me! I did eventually buy one from a rock memorabilia dealer, and it still hangs in my bedroom.

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