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Originally Posted by krrrby View Post
The only thing contributing to the decline of this site are the a-hole personalities of certain people on this thread, who have always been super critical of band members in the beginning, but now with recent developments within the band and LB, nastiness has turned into hate. I unfortunately became a part of it in a few posts, but needless to say nobody on here has anything nice to say anymore. I still love the music and the people involved with it despite what has been happening. I still listen to the music and I would still support them in their live endeavors. They are in their later years of life and I'm not going to waste an opportunity to sit behind a screen and bemoan everyone and everything about this band, and the people on this forum who are beyond bitter and resentful, despite their self-righteous reasons and beliefs as to why they are right over everyone else on here.

Some people on here really need to get a life, and I visit this board less frequently now because of the lack of civility brought forth by the members.
Stevie and Mick did this. FACT
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