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The one time I briefly met Mick, I asked him if they would ever play Why again, knowing that it wasn't really on the cards but I thought it might be an interesting opening gambit. After a bit of pleasant reminiscing about the song he quietly said, slightly forlornly "you know, one of these days we should go out and play more of those songs from way back when".

I can remember suggesting to him doing such a thing for their 50th anniversary. That's been and gone (sort of) but how strange that he may well get that wish, albeit in circumstances that he would have hoped to have avoided. I somehow doubt that Lindsey could have been persuaded to do even Oh Well again; I just hope that the same few Peter Green oldies that Rick and Billy (and I am glad those two are not coming back) performed aren't wheeled out- that would be a missed opportunity. At least give us Green Manalishi - maybe Mike could handle that- he does sing, after all. A Bob Welch song would be such a curveball that time and space would probably implode in on itself but imagine Neil doing Hypnotized with Christine on backing vocals, maybe morphing into Brown Eyes.

Perhaps there are blessings in this venture, even if they are very well disguised. I wish this wasn't happening, I wish we had got that last album from the Five and I hope we get some studio recordings out of these six out of curiosity if nothing else. But musically, I'm looking forward to Lindsey's solo album far more.

Would I go and see them again? 80-20 against is how I feel right now, but even another tour with Lindsey and a virtually unchanged set might have made me ask the question as well. I never really expected Christine to come back so to see the Rumours line-up was beyond my expectations since becoming a fan in 1987. Living in the UK, the Dance tour never made it here.

We are where we are, I'm afraid.
To lose Lindsey Buckingham once may be regarded as a misfortune, to lose him twice looks like carelessness.

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