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Originally Posted by MikeInNV View Post
Billy posted this pic of himself, along with Rick, Bekka, and Stevie on his Facebook page. It says it was at the Sutler in Nashville, 1996. Does anyone know what this was?
Wow, wow, wow. Thats a really interesting picture. Another incarnation of Fleetwood Mac (sans Fleetwood and Mac)
I've just read up on Billy, Bekka and Rick's appearance at a saloon bar called The Sutler for (what would have been) Hank Williams' 73rd birthday on 17th September 1996. Nothing I've read mentions anything about a Stevie Nicks appearance but thats definitely her. They played 'Honky Tonkin' and 'You Send Me'.

...Upping the ante, Nashville's half of Fleetwood Mac (Rick Vito, Billy Burnette and Becca Bramlett) stepped up for an unforgettable "Honky Tonkin'". The crowd wouldn't let Bramlett leave, so the first non-Hank tune was played, a gorgeous version of "You Send Me".

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