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Originally Posted by ImpossibleHoney View Post
Have you actually heard Say You Will and BuckVie? I dont know if he gets demoitis and cant fill a song anymore but, it all sounds half baked. The exception is probably "Miranda" but the rest just do not have the Mac magic. The songs aren't full and are just incredibly sparse in arrangement and production.
This of course is subjective. If the tracks don't do anything for you, they don't. What can you do? Some of the sparest tracks are some of the most breathtaking to me: Save Me a Place, Angel, Dreams, Honey Hi, Steal Your Heart Away. For my money, there's Mac magic on these and others—a lean, clean rhythm track and a minimal overlay of acoustic guitar or electric piano, very little else. They're all the right production for the song. That's the Mac magic, not necessarily copious amounts of rococo ornamentation (although the Mac can work magic out of that, too). I think most of the tracks on the Buckingham McVie album have some charm, and the songs seem to benefit from the light touch they're given.
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