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Default There's always one....

Here are my least faves:

Buckingham Nicks: "Races Are Run" (drags)

Fleetwood Mac:
White Album - "Warm Ways" (so corny)
Rumours - "Oh Daddy"
Tusk - "The Ledge" (that repetitive 'someone oughtta KILLS this song)
Live - "Farmer's Daughter" (annoying)
Mirage - "Empire State" (pointlessly weird)
Tango: - "When I See You Again" and "Family Man" (Talk about repetitive! What's a matter baby...what's a amatter baby...I am what I am am what I am!)
The Chain - "Make Me a Mask" (funky 'wish I were middle eastern' tune)
The Dance - "Rhiannon" (did we really need to hear that verse THREE times? And you don't have to sing it high, but how about uptempo?!)

Stevie Solo:
BellaDonna - "Think About It"
Wild Heart - "Sable on Blond"
Rock a Little - "Sister Honey", "The Nightmare" and "Imperial Hotel"
The Other Side of the Mirror - "Long Way to Go", "Ghosts", and "Alice"
TimeSpace - "Desert Angel"
Street Angel - "Greta", "Docklands", "Love Is Like a River", "Just Like a Woman," and "Kick It"
Enchanted - "Thousand Days"
Trouble in Shangri-la - "That Made Me Stronger" (so self-indulgent!)

Lindsey Solo:
Law and Order - "Johnny Stew" and "That's How We Do It in L.A."
Go Insane - "Play in the Rain Parts 1 and 2" (what the...?!)
Out of the Cradle - "This Is the Time"

Ta da! Even the masters ocassionally have stinkers.
- Nancy

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