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Cool I can still hear you saying you'd never break the chain

but you have...cause you da weakest link!

The White Album...GET REAL, the chain was STRONG then. No, no weakest or weak links here.

Rumours...The fact that Silver Springs was left off of the album.

Tusk..I think just Lindsey's general "softness" or his turn from good rock and roll tunes to "somewhat" radical punk. I think I'd erase "Save Me A Place" from the master tape.

Live...Don't Stop...replace it with a live version of Tusk or Sisters Of the Moon. question about it...Empire State...that song is so annoying.

Tango In The Night...Family Man...see above. Runner up would be When I See You Again...Stevie...WHAT WAS THE MATTER BABY!?

And then she became my eccentric, old Auntie Stevie.
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