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(directed at the thread, and no one personally) These kind of threads...picking what you think is the worst, is, by its very nature, designed to annoy, piss off, disappoint, anger, hurt, SOMEBODY'S feelings.

So, now that I've got the disclaimer off my chest...

...OUCH!! Some of the tunes you consider "weakest links" are some of my FAVORITES!! Obviously, our tastes are quite different.

Dog & Dustbin: can't find one
Mr. Wonderful: pick one of Jeremy Spencer's Elmore James type tunes as a keeper, dump the rest...too many for one album to hold
Pious Bird Of Good Omen: the tunes that were previously released on other albums are redundant
Then Play On: Danny's "When You Say" (what a stinker!)
Kiln House: Mission Bell
Future Games: What A Shame
Bare Trees: Mrs. Scarrott, you ARE the weakest link, g'bye!
Penguin: Roadrunner
Mystery To Me: not a weak song on the album!!!
Heroes Are Hard To Find: can't find one here either
Fleetwood Mac: by default "Sugar Daddy"
Rumours: can't find one (but I'm REALLY burnt out on "Dreams")
Tusk: Not That Funny
Live: can't find one
Mirage: Straight Back
Tango: Welcome To The Room...Sara
Behind The Mask: The Second Time
Time: honestly, I can't find one

Lindsey Buckingham:
Law & Order: It Was I
Go Insane: I Want You
Out Of The Cradle: can't find one
Gift Of Screws: Come

Stevie Nicks:
Bella Donna: Leather & Lace (maybe I'm just burnt out on this one)
Wild Heart: (taking another knee...whew!) the title cut
Rock A Little: all of side one except "I Can't Wait"
The Other Side Of The Mirror: ALL except "Rooms On Fire"
Street Angel: Jane
TISL: Candlebright (but it's growing on me)

Christine Perfect: not even Chris could improve "When You Say"...a stinker is a stinker
Chris's 1984 album: can't find one

Rick Vito:
King of Hearts: Poor Souls In Love
Pink & Black: can't really find one
Lucky Devils: Rhumba Diablo (by default)
Crazy Cool: can't find one

(Billy Burnette & Dave Mason to be entered upon a future edit of this post)

The Visitor: can't find one
I'm Not Me: can't find one

Bob Welch:
Paris: Rock Of Ages
Big Towne, 2061: 1 In 10
French Kiss: Lose My Heart
Three Hearts: Come Softly To me
The Other One: Spanish Dancer
Man Overboard: B666
1981: Bend Me Shape Me
Eye Contact: Love On The Line
Be-Bop: can't find one

Danny Kirwan:
Second Chapter: Skip-A-Dee-Doo
Midnight In San Juan: Angel's Delight
Hello There, Big Boy: Gettin' The Feelin'

Jeremy Spencer:
1st: Take A Look At Mrs. Brown
Jeremy Spencer & The Children: Someone Told Me
Flee: all of side one (Deeper, Sunshine & Love Our Way Outta here)

Peter Green:
Ok, call me biased, but I can't find any on any album. In the name of "fair play", I'll say ALL of "End Of The Game".
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