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Talking "You are the weakest link- goodbye!"

I noticed all the "what's your favorite" song threads around here. Howz-about a "what's the weakest link on each album" thread??? Sound fun? Here's mine:

Buckingham Nicks: "Lola My Love"

White Album: "Monday Morning" or "Sugar Daddy"

Rumours: "I Don't Wanna Know"

Tusk: "I Know I'm Not Wrong"

Bella Donna: "How Still My Love"

Mirage: "Empire State"

Wild Heart: "Sable on Blond"

Rock A Little: "The Nightmare"

Tango in the Night: "You and I, Part II"

The Other Side of the Mirror: "Cry Wolf"

Behind the Mask: "Stand on the Rock"

Out of the Cradle: "Wrong"

Street Angel: "Greta" or "Docklands"

Time: pretty much the whole thing

Trouble in Shangri-La: "It's Only Love"

I threw in the solo stuff I was familiar with, but by all means chuck in whatever you feel like.
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