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Originally Posted by Macfan4life View Post
Ok what do you hope to hear, what do you not care to hear.

Lindsey can be a bit ritualistic like all members of the Mac. I hope he mixes things up this time.

2 songs that IMHO NEED to be in the set. Wrong and Loving Cup. Wrong would be the perfect opener and send a message besides being a great song.

The full band version of Go Insane was F*ing amazing. Please no more acoustic of this song. Hope Slow Dancing also returns to the set.

Since the Mac is off his back, I would not mind hearing Second Hand News or maybe Save Me a Place.

I am over the guitar version of Big Love. Even though I never cared for the song, I would love to finally hear a full band version of Big Love.

Here would be my dream set list:

Loving Cup
Go Insane (full band version)
Empire State
Second Hand News
Big Love (full band)
Trouble (full band)
Never Going Back again
Save Me a Place
Soul Drifter
Eyes of the World
Holiday Road
Go Your Own Way

Tango in the night
I'm so afraid
Slow dancing
Go insane
Soul drifter
You do or you donít
Doing what I can
Turn it on
Under the skin
Castaway dreams
Did you miss me
Love runs deeper
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