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Originally Posted by PenguinHead View Post
The Way I Feel about it....Christine can do whatever she wants - and she's doing just that. Accept the fact that she doesn't want to do it All Over Again!
All this wishing, hoping and pleading for her to re-emerge reminds me of spoiled children demanding that the real Santa to come down the chimney, and feeling disappointed that they weren't given everything on their wish list.

Beyond a musician, Christine is a real person living this stage of her life as she pleases. She owes no one a command performance or anything else.

Not that she would ever do it -- but I can't understand why people want her to appear on American Idol!! What would be the motivation? It would just serve to diminish her legacy. She doesn't need nor want any more exposure....especially from that garrish, cheesy manufactured music show. Christine's far too classy for that.
Very well put.

I'd love her to make some more music but I'm happy for her to do it on her own terms. As you say she doesn't owe anyone anything.

Any more music from her would be a bonus.

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