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I'm very envious of you guys who can afford record players... I've decided long ago that when I grow up I'll save money to buy one, and then I'll buy all the deluxe reissues that all these years I could see only in my dreams. Fleetwood Mac and Peter Gabriel would be the first.

My parents have a little collection of vinyls even if not royally preserved because they used to own a portable record player. We have a lot of classic Italian acts, mainly singer-songwriters, then some English acts. My mother used to have an important first edition of a Beatles album but our evil aunt stole it. It should be some thousands Euros worth now.

My bestfriend's family owns an amazing classic rock vinyl collection with all the most important albums by the most classic acts, from Led Zeppelin to Smashing Pumpkins, and they have a relatively new Player. They say that in Italy there's no way to have replacement parts and when they need a needle they have to order it from Germany.
When I gave to my bestfriend the LP of David Bowie's Station to station for her graduation, along with a bottle of sweet wine made by my father, they listened to it in their living room sipping the wine.

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