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Default All Things Vinyl - Records That Is.

Let me announce proudly I'm back in the record business.
And it's got nothing to do with my pals Rusty and Alec.

It's all to do with having a new record player. Or if
you prefer turntable.

A few days ago a package arrived with this beautiful new
red record player inside. And not just any record player,
a Pro Ject Debut Carbon DC with the Ortofon 2M Red

My JVC turntable died several years ago. And there was a point
where I didn't think I'd replace it. But I did miss vinyl and all it's
attributes. Sound being most important. And then there's the
artwork which you can actually see. Along with lyric sheets, that
again you can actually read if you're over forty.

I've setup the Pro Ject turntable. And now it's time to clean all
the records old and new. Yes, even the ones still sealed will get
a cleaning. More on the cleaning supplies later. Which I know
will keep you all on pins and needles in anticipation.


A Positive Thread...
First and foremost I want this thread to be positive. Not about
politics or anything else that can cause grief.

I hope others will post about new vinyl purchases or what you've
listened to today. And feel free to post what type of system you're
using to playback your precious vinyl.

I'd like to thank Mr. Jack White and Michael Fremer for
getting me back in the business.

I'll start posting about my new and old albums as they're played
(or cleaned - yikes). I hope you all will do the same.
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