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Originally Posted by bombaysaffires View Post
then SHE should leave the band. Go do you time on solo tours and solo albums if that's what makes you happy. Why rip apart the band when YOU are the ONE who is unhappy???

see my quote above. totally agree.

wth else is she going to say in the press?? she's going to say the politically correct thing so she looks like a good sport. doesn't mean she means it.
I could easily believe that all those years ago when it was still only scant months since she and Lindsey had a relationship, that it could have bothered her that Christine and Lindsey wrote World Turning together. That Christine and Lindsey made something together like that when the two of them were never able to write together. Now, all these many years down the road with so much water under the bridge and knowing the fact that she doesn't want to deal with being stuck in a studio with him for months dealing with his reportedly dictatorial production style, it would make zero sense to me that she would care at all that they put a record together. Like I said, I think she'd just be relieved that it wasn't her. More time for her other plans and projects.

Also, I'm glad to hear that just because someone says the politically correct thing so they look like a good sport, that they don't actually have to mean it. I'll just leave that here...
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