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Originally Posted by FuzzyPlum View Post
So, The Eurovision Song Contest- showcase for songwriting, singing and musicianship from across Europe. And it increasingly looks like the winning entry for 2016 will
Originally Posted by Missy View Post
I am Australian myself and congratulate Dami Im for doing so well. Though it is still odd to me that we are in Eurovision lol.
Lol, Francesca Michielin was 16th.

I jut read this in a journal about Eurovision and Australia:
"This year was about to succeed, however, Australia. Those who don't follow the Eurovision but are fairly good in geography will wonder what the hell was doing Australia at Eurovision. Good question, but the oceanic nation has participated for two years now, since at those distant latitudes the event is the most watched of the world entertainment, and has been followed and loved for years. In the end the Australian song finished at the second place (behind Ukraine and Russia before), but even if it had won, next year we would not have been forced to watch the Eurovision in the morning, since a clause in the participation contract precises that Australia, if victorious, should have to give up the organization [of the next year Eurovision] to a European country of its choice."
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