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Default Any Chance of a Reup?

Originally Posted by estranged4life View Post

Artist: Fleetwood Mac
Title: LP Rarities

Type: Studio
Audio Quality: A+
Media: FLAC Level 8, 2CD-Rs

1.01 Rhiannon (Single Edit)
1.02 Silver Springs (B-Side to "Go Your Own Way" single, 1977)
1.03 I Know I'm Not Wrong (Alternate LP Version)
1.04 Sara (Single Edit)
1.05 Sisters Of The Moon (Single Edit)
1.06 Think About Me (Single Edit)
1.07 The Farmer's Daughter (Single Edit)
1.08 Cool Water (B-Side to "Gypsy" single, 1982)
1.09 Big Love (Extended Remix)
1.10 You And I, Part I (B-Side to "Big Love" single, 1987)

2.01 Ricky (B-Side to "Little Lies" single, 1987)
2.02 Book Of Miracles (B-Side to "Seven Wonders" single, 1987)
2.03 Family Man (Extended Vocal Remix) (taken from "Family Man" 12" single, 1988)
2.04 Family Party (Bonus Beats) (taken from "Family Man" 12" single, 1988)
2.05 Down Endless Street (B-Side to "Family Man" single, 1988)
2.06 Everywhere (12" Version) (taken from "Everywhere" 12" single, 1988)
2.07 Everywhere (Dub Version) (taken from "Everywhere" 12" single, 1988)
2.08 Lizard People (B-Side to "In The Back Of My Mind" single, 1990)
2.09 Love Minus Zero/No Limit (taken from "Say You Will (Bonus CD)", 2003)
2.10 Not Make Believe (taken from "Say You Will (Bonus CD)", 2003)

"This is a compilation I made from all singles I had. It lacks a few tracks here and there, but it is a pretty essential mix of all unrleased and out-of-print tracks from the band. Most tracks were recorded straight from LP to CD-R and de-hissed a little. My copy of "Seven Wonders" was so damaged, that I had to use a lossy version of "Book Of Miracles", but other than that, is 1st generation tracks. This compilation is about 90 minutes long, so I had to devide it into 2CD. The LP version of "I Know I'm Not Wrong" is said to be different to the CD version of this song, so I included this one as well and the Say You Will bonus tracks are out-of-print as well.

The only tracks not ripped from vinyl were "Family Man (Extended Vocal Remix)" and "Lizard People" which were taken from the 1992 "Don't Stop" CD single and "Love Minus Zero/No Limit" and "Not Make Believe" from the Say You Will bonus CD.

I hope you enjoy the compilation.

Linage: Studio > LP > Phillips CDR560 > TDK CD-R AUD > Windows Media Player (coversion to WAVE) > Audacity 1.3 (dehissing) > Trader's Little Helper (conversion to FLAC) > FLAC Level 8
Here we are, zillions of years later. Any chance this can be re-posted? Thank you.
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